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Cooking always needed a heart

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It is said that ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’and most men ‘enjoy’ being at the receiving end of this equation while simultaneously harboring a secret guilt of the good type… the type that makes them proud about totally surrendering their heart while fully using their head.

So, let’s say a circumstance arose when the heart and stomach don’t quite complement each other. What happens then? Well… that’s when the man has to learn how to cook; this time hopefully without losing his head.

It’s been only a couple of months since Delia (my wife) and I moved to the US. Delia is a great cook it’s just that her job now has her travelling a lot.  I love eating – it’s been so for the past 37 years of my existence – but being born, bred and fed in Mumbai, I’ve never had to seriously cook and after moving here it’s a new challenge thrown at me.  So with apron, gloves, knives et al I’m on a culinary treasure hunt with no clue.

But nothing is impossible (I say this as I ignore my laughing alter ego). In my defence, in the last few weeks I may have successfully been able to stir up some treats even as I laboured trying to tell the difference between Cilantro and Parsley. As my repertoire expands I’ll share my experiences here, entertain, maybe even inspire and in the bargain thoroughly impress my wife.

So, stomaching the challenge ahead I take heart as I set out on this journey.

Please feel free to post comments and recommendations too. I’m sure I could use all the help I can get.